How schools are turning death traps for toddlers

Let’s start this blog by pondering over a simple question, “Why do we send our children to school”. Most answers to this question will revolve around educating them, grooming them into better and more aware citizens of the society, exposing and equipping them to face the reality of life and making them adept at various skills, which can help them shape their future. When parents kiss their kids goodbye, they expect them to come back jovial, with stories to tell about how their day was. Each parent sends their children to school, with the hope that schools are a safe abode, where children will be loved and nurtured,Not killed or assaulted.

on Aug 06, 2018
How employee productivity can make or break your business

Today’s corporate world is an arena which witnesses cutthroat competition between brands. There are millions of brands selling perfectly competitive goods. If a brand falters, even minutely, there is great likelihood that it will lose its customers to its competitor. Thus, no business can afford inefficiency. How a company performs is a direct outcome of what, and how much, a worker can deliver in a stipulated time, i.e how efficient the employee are. There are several factors which affect efficiency. Whether it is the mood of the employee, the amount of stress the worker is working under, availability of resources at hand or it is clean and safe working environments, all factors are pivotal to ensuring that the worker is sufficiently motivated.....

on Aug 06, 2018
Retail theft- Plaguing businessman since eternity

Retail theft pervades all business. to remain safe from retail theft, shopkeepers deploy various strategies like Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tags, store checkout alarm systems, CCTV cameras, amongst numerous other techniques...

on Aug 08, 2018
Don't let criminal outsmart you

Talking about new age criminals, they deploy the most sophisticated techniques to carry out their heists. The current surveillance systems being outdated, it becomes a mammoth task for the security officials to apprehend them, due to lack of proof, of even the occurrence of the crime.Recent times have seen an incessant use of skimming machines to carry out financial crimes. Skimming machines reroute the credit/debit card details of the owner, when the card is swiped/scanned on the device, mounted with a skimming machine, to an arbitrary computer, usually controlled by the thief himself. This information, about the owner’s card, is then used to exhort money from the bank account of the user. Alternatively, when these skimming machines are attached to ATMs, they are able to record the fingerprints of the user, as and when the user enters his pin, along with recoding the card details, getting complete access to the user’s credentials...

on aug 08, 2018
How can you ensure there is no employee Time Theft?

Time theft at a workplace happens when an employee is working less than his/her designated work shift and accepts pay for the time they did not actually work for. Since the employee is not working for the necessary amount of hours or doing the necessary amount of work, it is considered as stealing company time.

on sep 20, 2019