Industrial Solutions

Today, organizations are facing challenges such as violence, worker agitations, theft and pilferage etc. Therefore, it is our moral and legal responsibility to provide safe and secure workplaces. Industrial intelligent solutions involve predicting and controlling upcoming danger risks which could affect the employees and environment.

How Xvidia can help organizations use the solutions to their advantage:
  • The Food & Pharmaceuticals industry to detect the hygiene and safety requirements
  • The Automation industry for shop floor monitoring
  • The Gas & Pipes industry to detect leakage and oil Spillage
  • The Construction & Warehousing to detect safety & unusual movements.

Image Radiography

A radiograph of a specimen shows changes in thickness, defects (internal and external), and assembly details to ensure optimum quality in operation.


Industrial hardware defect analysis

The examinations are designed to determine the cause of the failure and which corrective actions are needed to prevent them.


Assembly line

Boosts assembly line productivity by making robots to recognize different parts and adjust their moves accordingly.


Video based asset tracking

To conduct comprehensive, cost-effective physical audits, video based asset tracking module enables us to complete fixed asset & inventory Tracking .


Logistics management

Utilizes the robots to automate the process of product sorting and packaging. Robots are programmed to pack a product and sort it based on the delivery requirements.


Safety Care

The module is the potential for minimizing and preventing, workplace incidents and injury. Ie. Notifies in case missing - helmets, safety boots, gloves, masks.

Application Areas

Industrial AI can be embedded to existing products or services to make them more effective, reliable, safer, and to enhance their longevity.

Fleet Security Management
Aviation and Aeronautics