Intelligent Traffic Management System

This system significantly supports the planning in law enforcement agencies and traffic division. The Intelligent Video Management and Video Analytics solution in a merged, large system architecture is integrated in the new system so that video surveillance and traffic monitoring services complement each other, thus addressing the field issues with a comprehensive approach.

  • Better response time during emergency services
  • Reduces accidents. Ie. Crashes and Fatalities
  • Decreases the probabilities of congestion occurrence

Helmet Detection System

Detects bike rider’s helmet and ensures the safety and security.


Number Plate Recognition

System extracts vehicle license plate from a digital image


Vehicle Classification

Capable of classifying and collecting vehicle level data as it improves the signal control.


Parking management

Shows unoccupied parking spaces and guide parkers to quickly park in no time.


Red Light Violation Detection

solution automatically identifies red light runners with the help of vehicle sensors & cameras.


Overspeed Detection

Detects the speed of vehicles and captures image vehicle license number when over-speeding occurs.

Application Areas

Urban Traffic Monitoring
Highway Traffic Monitoring
Toll Free
Commercial & Industrial Complexes
Gated Communities